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What can I post in Miitems?

Miitems is a free App where you can put your personal profile, your business profile, your items and other information that you can then easily share with others instantaneously through the group function. This simply put, means that others can see the information you wish to share with them in their own free Miitems account in real-time.

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Use Miitems as the remote control of your website and/or your App

For your entreprise

Fill a description of your entreprise with your logo and some background pictures. Then, you can share it with business partners or publish it on your website/App.

For your items

List all your products and services to share those wherever you need in real-time.

Group with your associate

It is suitable for all types of profiles and all types of content that you wish to share, both professionals and individuals in all areas.

Get linked to your business partners website and Apps

Tell us with who's websites or Apps you want to be linked in real-time and we can make it happen.

Link Miitems to your new App/Website?

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